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ABB Introduces Universal Multi-Sleeve Adaptor to Enhance Wiring Protection in Heavy-Duty Vehicles


Heavy-duty vehicles experience constant vibration, impact and strain, which can compromise safety and lead to costly downtime. The Harnessflex Interconnect system from ABB Installation Products addresses these challenges with a multi-sleeve adaptor. This adaptor is designed for universal compatibility with various types of cable protection, enhancing cable-to-connector stability, which is essential for the reliable operation of heavy-duty vehicles.

With the rise of heavy-duty EVs and evolving regulatory requirements, robust electrical systems capable of handling higher voltages and operating temperatures are essential. These systems must also protect vital connections from harsh conditions. Harness makers traditionally use various cable protection methods like braids, sleeves, wraps, jackets, heat shields and conduits. Previously, these protections often left critical wiring exposed due to a lack of compatible backshells.

The OEM-agnostic Harnessflex Interconnect system from ABB allows seamless integration with various cable protection methods, ensuring critical connections are shielded from elements such as dirt, oil, high-pressure washdowns and corrosive chemicals. This reusable system is a more sustainable solution compared to plastic tape, shrink wrap, and other common methods of securing cables at critical junctions.

“Vehicle makers face capacity constraints as they work to meet tighter industry standards. ABB is creating solutions to help streamline installation, optimize cable protection and significantly improve the overall reliability of heavy-duty vehicles,” said Andrea Castella, EVP and general manager, ABB Installation Products for Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa. “ABB’s Harnessflex Interconnect system expands our electrification solutions across a broad range of high-use transportation and heavy-duty applications.”

As heavy-duty EVs evolve, ABB’s Harnessflex Interconnect system simplifies connections and compatibility across various applications, including construction, agriculture, mining equipment, emergency vehicles, refuse trucks, buses, and other transportation and distribution vehicles. The multi-sleeve adaptor enables all Harnessflex fittings and connector interfaces, including ABB’s first-to-market Harnessflex EVO range of backshells, to be used with standard cable protection solutions.

"The electrical wiring within a heavy-duty EV is essential, enabling performance and productivity, and ultimately, cost-effectiveness," said Nathan Cook, global business leader for cable management products, ABB Installation Products. "Heavy-duty EVs are prone to critical electrical failure if connectors aren’t well protected. ABB’s Harnessflex Interconnect system brings unilaterally effective connector protection compatibility that works with our fittings and other common types of cable protection a harness maker may use to help boost uptime.”

Available in PA66 and thermoplastic rubber, ABB’s multi-sleeve adaptor ensures easy linking between Harnessflex fittings and interfaces. It protects critical wiring in heavy-duty vehicles by securing cable bundles inside slit-conduits, improving strain relief of backshells and other hinged fittings, and simplifying assembly with ABB’s Ty-Rap cable ties, Ty-Fast cable ties, or Harnessflex multi-function clips.

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