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March 8, 2012

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Kbc Tools Get The Motor Running

KBC LogoAs a major supplier to the North American metalworking industry, KBC Tools & Machinery has had the good fortune to contribute to some very exciting client projects since opening its doors in 1965. As any KBC sales team member can tell you, it's a thrill to provide the tooling and machinery necessary to turn innovative ideas into reality on the shop floor.

One such creative enterprise is being undertaken by Michel Arseneau, President of Quebec-based Simplicity Motor Works. Michel and his company have developed what he calls "the first true revolution of the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) since the invention of Nicolaus Otto in 1861." Based around his patented Rotary Piston ICE, Michel builds single-cylinder engines that are uniquely efficient, alleviating many of the downfalls of the traditional ICE design that cause inefficiencies like vibration and friction. Forty thousand hours and eighteen years in the making, his engine design has a broad range of potential applications ranging from unmanned reconnaissance drones to electric cars, air conditioners, and lawnmowers.

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Industrial Machine Trader - Customer Testimonial

The auction went really well! The advertising helped for sure! We will definitely be using your services in the near future!
Thanks again for all your help on behalf of everyone at the Auctioneers Group!

-Janine Ciardi, Auction Assistant, The Auctioneers Group

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Leading International Trade Fair for Industrial Parts and Surface Cleaning from 23 through 25 October 2012

Parts 2 Clean Logo

Neuffen - Growth is plainly evident for the anniversary event of parts2clean: As of the middle of December 2011, more than 100 companies have already booked their booth locations for the 10th edition of the leading international trade fair from the 23rd through the 25th of October, 2012. Event promoter Hartmut Herdin explains this great exhibitor interest, on the one hand, by the event's clear-cut alignment to the process sequence for industrial parts and surface cleaning, which provides suppliers and users with additional benefits. On the other hand, the experienced trade fair organiser sees increasing demand for efficient cleaning solutions as a growth engine.

Improved quality, greater energy efficiency, better environmental protection and more flexibility are just a few of the requirements for which users of industrial cleaning technology are seeking solutions. And parts2clean has established itself around the globe as the number one information and procurement platform in this respect. This is substantiated by the 18% increase in visitor numbers experienced at the last event at the end of October 2011, as well as by the fact that roughly 20% of the visitors came from outside of Germany. They journeyed from 49 countries on all five continents to attend parts2clean in Stuttgart.

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Circuit Breaker Sales Co., Inc.
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Handi - Hut
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Hair, Formaldehyde, and Industrial Hygiene

By: Dede Montgomery - Center For Disease Control And Prevention

Even if you're not particularly fashion conscious, it's been pretty hard to miss hearing about the Brazilian Blowout smoothing solution over the past year. Imagining a 10% solution of methylene glycol/formaldehyde being applied, dried, and flat-ironed on hair in a salon is enough to make most industrial hygienists cringe. Until recently, comments about the same product from a fashion-conscious, non-industrial hygienist might have been, "I love the product," or, "It really tames unmanageable hair."

On January 30, 2012, the California Attorney General announced a settlement with the manufacturer of Brazilian Blowout products that requires the company to warn consumers and hair stylists that two of their most popular hair-smoothing products emit formaldehyde gas. The terms of the settlement require accurate disclosure in material safety data sheets and labels, distribution of precautionary use measures, and cessation of false advertising. Penalties of $600,000 were also imposed on the manufacturer.


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Tauber - Arons, Inc.
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Myron Bowling Auctioneers, Inc.
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Koster Industries
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