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February 9, 2011

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Cognizant Q4 Net Up 16.44%; Expects FY12 Revenue At $7.53 BN

NEW YORK: IT major Cognizant on Wednesday reported a growth of 16.44 per cent in its net income at USD 240.1 million for the fourth quarter ended December 31, 2011.

The company had a net income of USD 206.2 million in the same period last year, NASDAQ-listed Cognizant said in a statement.

"We are very pleased, once again, to deliver industry leading revenue growth in 2011 while maintaining stable margins and investing for our long-term success," Cognizant CEO Francisco D'Souza said.

Revenue for the fourth quarter of 2011, rose to USD 1.66 billion, up 26.9 per cent from USD 1.31 billion.

Giving its outlook for the first quarter of 2012, the company said it expects first quarter revenue to be at least USD 1.70 billion. Cognizant expects the revenues for the entire 2012 to be at least USD 7.53 billion, up at least 23 per cent compared to the last year.

For the full year 2011, the company posted a net income of USD 883.6 million, up 20.46 per cent from USD 733.5 million in 2010. Revenue during the quarter under review increased to USD 6.12 billion, up 33.3 per cent from USD 4.59 billion.

"2011 was an excellent year for us. Broad-based revenue growth of 33 per cent and net staffing additions of 33,700 are testaments to our ability to scale and expand our operations globally while preserving our client-first culture and maintaining high levels of employee satisfaction," Cognizant President Gordon Coburn said.

The company's net headcount addition for the quarter exceeded 7,300, taking its total employees 137,700 at the end of year.

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Industrial Machine Trader - Customer Testimonial

The auction went really well! The advertising helped for sure! We will definitely be using your services in the near future!
Thanks again for all your help on behalf of everyone at the Auctioneers Group!

-Janine Ciardi, Auction Assistant, The Auctioneers Group

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Hydrapower International, Inc.

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Hydrapower International Inc.  with world headquarters in Marco Island, FL has been awarded a contract to manufacture a 3000 tons x 44’ Press Brake for  SMGT  Ltd., an investment group based in Singapore.

The machine will be built in Hydrapower’s North American facility and shipped to the SMGT new Joint Venture Company located on the Mississippi River in Northern LA.

SMGT Ltd has interests in developing technology in Energy, Transportation and Logistics.  They have developed a new method of efficiently shipping LNG in easy to transport Energy Modules to undeveloped regions of the world.  Specific details of their product will remain confidential until worldwide patent protection is in place.  They have designed a special tooling system which will also remain confidential.

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Metalwest Sees Real Results With Big Ass Fans

Big Ass FansCondensation build-up within a warehouse can be detrimental to products, not to mention the bottom line. More important are the effects on employee safety and comfort. Regardless of climate, industrial air movement systems need to be effective, including the ability to reduce condensation build-up in any facility. Large diameter, low speed fans help eliminate much of the guess work by circulating air, significantly reducing condensation and creating more uniform temperatures from floor to ceiling.

Metalwest, located in Garland, Texas, processes and distributes flat roll metals including hot roll P&O, cold roll, galvanized and stainless steel, and aluminum sheet and coil. Unfortunately, during the hot summer months, this non-insulated 85,000 square foot facility resembled an indoor pool on a rainy day. Extreme temperature swings and high humidity, delivered Texas style, resulted in severe condensation on metal products and for Metalwest, a significant loss in revenue. For one product alone, in this case aluminum, Metalwest writes off an average of “$28,000 per year due to the condensation that creates rust on the metal,” said Phill Cavender, Texas regional general manager for Metalwest.

In the spring, the temperature at the floor of a warehouse is generally cooler than the rest of the space, since the slab temperature tends to be roughly equal to the average air temperature of the previous month. This large cold surface can cause condensation to occur especially when the air near the floor is stagnent, which in-turn causes the floor to cool the air increasing the relative humidity. “Increasing air speed at the floor level and destratification of air using large diameter, low speed fans is an effective way to mitigate condensation issues,” said Christian Taber, senior applications engineer and LEEP AP for Big Ass Fans. “This increased air movement and air temperature at the floor reduces condensation improving safety, and in certain scenarios, improving product integrity as well.”

With an all-metal structure that is not well insulated, cold winters and sweltering summer heat proved disastrous in regards to temperature regulation, condensation control and comfort. In 2009 Metalwest installed four 20-ft. diameter Powerfoil®X fans in their facility to help control these issues by destratifying, or mixing, the air.

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Californina Hydro Forming
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Liquidation Sale vs. Auction Sale: What's The Difference?

By: Rabin Worldwide

When companies are faced with the need to recover assets, they have a few options. The most common ways to recover assets are with liquidation sales and auction sales.

Understanding the distinction between these two different types of sales can help make the right decision if a company is faced with the need to sell land or equipment. In this article we detail the differences, benefits, and drawbacks of liquidation sales and auction sales.

Orderly Liquidations

A liquidation sale is the process of selling the assets of a business (in an orderly fashion over a longer period of time to achieve higher values that are closer to market value). Liquidation sales are similar to store closings, when special companies come into a store to sell the remaining inventory. They are often longer sale processes, where items are sold over the course of weeks, months, and even years. Industrial liquidation sales often involve the sellers reviewing offers and negotiating prices.


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Grafe Auction
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