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Wednesday, January 28 2015 @ 02:10 PM CST
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2012 Westec Industrial Show

Industry NewsThe Westec show attracted a nice size crowd and some exhibitors said it was a better show than previous years before. The attendees allowed many exhibitors the opportunity to obtain a lot of west coast business. Also, this show proves that many industrial companies located on the west coast are improving and recovering from the past recession. Moreover, many business professionals nationwide and especially, on the west coast seemed eager to make future business plans after the show. Furthermore, many exhibitors showcased their new and reinvented products. Overall, the show was a great success for the west coast and exactly what that region needed!
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Want To Buys and Classified Advertisement

General NewsCall us at 800-203-9960 to place a free Want To Buy advertisement. Ask for Daniella or Genny who are our new experienced Sales Marketing Advisors that specialize in our Want To Buy and Classified advertisements. Also, our new classified special includes a one time run for $22 for text only and $45 for a one time run that includes a picture.
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Industrial Machine Trader 2012 Calendar!

Industry NewsCheckout our NEW 2012 Calendar
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UBM Canon Event in Anaheim, California

Industry NewsUBM Canon will be having an event happening in Anaheim, CA that will be featuring nine shows. The nine shows include: MD & M West, West Pack, Pacific Design & Manufacturing, ATX West, AeroCon, Sustainability in Manufacturing, Plastec West, SensorTec, and Electronics West. Mark this wonderful event on your calendar; happening February 14-16, 2012. To find out more go to:
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Fabtech 2011 Experience

OtherThe Fabtech show was a total success for us and many others who attended the show. Attendees and exhibitors were easy to converse with and very excited by all the new leads and sales they obtained. At the show there were new and repeat exhibitors that presented amazing machinery, equipment, and other products. The attendees were very interested in viewing many products as well as networking with the exhibitors to began and continue their business relationships. Some individuals believe that the Fabtech 2011 show was one of the best shows since 9/11. We appreciate everyone who stopped by our booth and congratulations to the iPad winner Jamie K! Respond to our blog commenting on your Fabtech 2011 experience.
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Government Assist in Rebuilding of U.S. Manufacturing Industry

Industry NewsPresident Obama has developed a plan to assist United Statesí manufacturers by increasing funding toward investments in the newest technologies so that they can compete on even grounds with foreign competitors. The new plan is called the Advanced Manufacturing Partnership, a national effort uniting individuals in industry, education, and the federal government, to invest in emerging technologies such as biotechnology, nanotechology, and information technology. The government is willing to assist manufacturers by encouraging private sector industry, universities, and the government to come together to develop the cutting-edge tools needed to compete worldwide, which will in turn boost the United Statesí economy. Even though this assistance will not provide a competitive advantage over foreign competitors of the United States, it will provide help for manufacturers. The plan will give manufacturers advantages created by their improved ability to provide quality products and services to aid them in gaining new customers as well as retaining current ones. To find out more read the industry news below.
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July USMTO Statistics!

Industry NewsBased upon the reliable data presented by the AMTDA, the American Machine Tool Distributors' Association, and AMT -The Association for Manufacturing Technology in the following news release, the United States Machinery Manufacturing Sector is providing the economy with strong positive signs. As the report indicates orders are up significantly over 2010, based on strong consumption and projected increases in long term needs.
Further investigation would indicated that U.S. Companies are ramping up production as unemployment in this sector fell from 8.4% in July, 2011 to 6.7% in September 2011, based on statistics provided by the United States Department of Labor.
This is truly an interesting event as the ďReleaseĒ points out the recent discussion revolving around a potential secondary recession has taken up a great deal of economists and investors time and focus. Although a strong U.S. Machinery Manufacturing Sector can quiet quickly all signs at this point is that production demand and output will continue to show improvement.

To view more go to:
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Alternative Fuels and Industrial Shows

Industry NewsIn recent times many of us have seen the various alternative fuel companies that have gone and are going bankrupt. Even thought it is sad to see these companies that are trying to provide cheaper and safer energy to the world fail, oil companies are buying their plants to do some research and development of their own. Following in the alternative fuel companiesí footsteps in researching the development of safer and cheaper energy, oil companies, definitely having the financial resources to invest, are attempting to provide more efficient oil. If these oil companies are successful in achieving what many alternative fuel companies could not, they will be making a major breakthrough in the development of alternative fuel sources. For oil companies that wish to follow through with this business venture, the startup cost should be reasonable since the price of the alternative fuel plants are vastly discounted. Many oil companies are now preparing for new government regulations that have already been put in place and for those yet to come in the future. Some alternative fuels are not in demand by consumers, something that was previously predicted; therefore, many companies in the alternative fuel industry are struggling. However, the question is - will the oil companies be able to step in and save the industry from completely failing? To read more check out this website:
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Newly Created Carts from SIC Marking

Industry NewsIt is exciting to hear and read about new developments in the industry. SIC Marking has developed a new cart that will assist industrial part markers by making their process of marking and transporting industrial parts easier and more trouble-free than ever before. The new carts create a straightforward method of finishing outdoor assignments because the marking system can be more easily taken to the parts since the cartís wheels are filled with foam to eliminate flat tire problems and the foam handle together with the cartís weight distribution created by its oversized sections, rigid-based chassis and low center of gravity make getting to the marking job much easier. The cartís battery will operate with a longer usage life than expected so that the carts can be used without charging on the average task. What a great development for the industrial marking industry! To find out more go to:
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The July USMTC Statistics are in!

Industry NewsThe USMTC statistics shows that the manufacturing industry is up by 108% when compared to 2010 manufacturing sales. Compared to May of this year and May of last year the sales totals are up by 121.3%. Compared to April of this year, May 2011 sales totals were down by a slight 2.6%. In the Northeast region when compared to the sales totals of May of last year, May 2011 sales totals were up 88.4% and the overall current sales total were up by 92.4%. In the Southern region the sales total of May 2011 when compared to May of last years totals were up by 86.4% and the current sales totals up 56.9%. In the Midwest region the sales totals from May of this year were up by 232.6% when compared to last year in May. The current sales totals of the Midwest are up by 168.5%. In the Central region sales total were down by 21.6% in May of this year when compared to April of this year. But, sales were up in the Central region by 83.8% in May of this year when compared to May of last year. The overall sales totals for the Central region were up by 106.6%. In the Western region the sales totals were down by 12.1% in May of this year when compared to April of this year. The sales totals in the Western region were up by 93.9% in May of this year when compared to May of last year. The overall sales totals for the Western region were up by 66.3%. These statistics shows the continuous growth of the industry, and I hope it continues to progress!
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