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Thursday, April 17 2014 @ 01:24 PM CDT
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Customer Satisfaction from Industrial Machine Trader!

General NewsWhat changes or improvements would you like to see made to our publications? What are you looking for when you spend your advertising dollars?
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50 Years of Excellence in Robotics

Industry NewsThe Automate 2011 Show (formerly the International Robots, Vision & Motion Show) is near; it is less than two months away.
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Industrial Shows and Foreign Competition

Industry NewsThis January month has shown even more exciting things that are happening in the industry.
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New Laws that Manufacturers can Benefit from and More!

Industry NewsThere have been some changes in 2011 regarding laws and tax breaks that businesses in the industrial industry can benefit. Have you research all avenues that your business can benefit from in this 2011 year? Always do your research, there is always something new coming out that your business can benefit from. For example, new laws for this year gives manufacturers and 100% expensing on new equipment, 50% bonus depreciation, and R& D tax credit extension. Does your company have a vision for this year? If not, you should have a clear vision of your expectation from your company, always set short-term goals in order to achieve the ultimate goal. Do you know what direction to take? If you have a financial advisor make sure to stay on track with your finances. Be hands-on in all your business decision-making, no matter if you have an advisor or not. But, having an ethical and peaceful work environment makes your business even more successful. Where there is honesty, there is success. Where there are happy workers, there are hard-workers!
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Industry Growth from Environmental Scanning

Industry NewsThe economy has effected all businesses in one way or another. But, owners and management never lose your business confident. Always have confidence that your business will grow, and take the steps necessary to make that happen. Take care of any uncertainty that you might have about your business and itís grow. Take advantage of any new technology that is available that can aid your business in gaining new customers, increase revenue, and better your productivity. Also, keep up with the new day and age. The world continues to changes as well as customerís need. Therefore, keeping your company involved in advertising by mail for traditional customers and digitally for more modern customers is best to increase your response from customers. Also, donít forget to do your environmental scan, these days an increasing number of customers are becoming concerned about the environment. Some companies that ďGo GreenĒ appeal to customers that care about the environment and are trying to do their part. Moreover, companies that are involved in charities and their community may appeal to Philanthropist and customers that care about our societyís people as a whole.
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New Year's Business Resolutions

General NewsBeginning the New Year is not always an easy transition in the industry. But, great organization and communication will help make things flow together and get your business back into the groove of things. There should be changes that can allow your business become more efficient this year and that efficiency should continue year after year. Your staff should be trained to handle customers especially, with any updated alterations that your business started to fit customerís needs. I hope you started your planning ahead of time to achieve any goals that you might have made before the year. Donít forget to inspire and motivate your staff with great incentives that will give them even more willingness to complete their tasks and do them well! Small things to keep your staff motivated especially your key staff members; will make all the difference in your business. Make sure that your have the appropriate staff to be your decision-makers at your business, the ones who will do the right thing, even when no one is watching. One of the biggest ways to gain more profit for your business is to expand your business internationally. Donít limit yourself to just local or national business, but venture out internationally. Make sure that if you donít already have something that separates your business from the rest in the industry, that you find something that can give you a competitive advantage over the rest. Make sure that you companyís internal environment is stable and that you have no external threats to your organization. Make this year the best year ever!
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Recent USMTC Report which includes October Stats

Industry NewsThe December statistics from the United States Manufacturing Technology Consumption are in. There was a small decrease in sales of 2.5% in the month of October compared to the sales of September. But, October sales for this year were up an astonishing 154.9% compared to sales from last year in October! That is extraordinary news, these statistics make my heart rejoice, and continue to motivate the industrial industry! Even more important, this yearís sales so far are up by a whopping 83.2% compared to last years. All individual regions sales percentages have increased drastically when compared to the last yearís totals. According to the USMTC compared to last year: the Northeast Region is up by 277.5%, the Southern Region is up by 84.3%, the Midwest Region is up by 147.5%, the Central Region is up by 167.7%, and the Western Region is up by 78.6%. Even though some regionís sales might be down compared to the month of September, these October percentages still show economic growth and more stability among the manufacturing industry. These sales still set grounds for the industry to build on, in order to return to a comfortable position that we all basically felt before the recession period. Though that position seems so far away, even though itís all so close. How refreshing it will be once itís actually here. With this year coming to a close and year next almost here, what a gracious way to begin the new years with those stats in mind!
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Conducting Business during the Holidays

General NewsThe Holiday Season plays an important role in how some consumers and companies do business during the month of December. Holiday cards, advertisements, and small gifts that says thank you to your customer really says a lot! To ensure continuous customer loyalty and business relationships, it is good to take things a step further and show your customers that they are appreciated! Small tokens of appreciation can go a long ways when conducting business. Everyone likes to be treated with kindness and appreciated, what a beautiful way to show your appreciation! Business can be slow for some and fast for others during the Holiday Season. But, it is important to try to keep business flowing, when things get slow. Use the holidays to your advantage; donít let the Holiday Season be a disadvantage to your company. Change up your industrial marketing strategies; make consumers want to conduct business with your company. Put, special focus on your product and the reason why it is important. Plan ahead for the Holiday Season if you expect things to be slower, plan on ways to combat that. If things are fast pace, then great, but make sure that you are organized to handle all your customer's needs! Happy Holidays from Industrial Machine Trader!
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GM and Chrysler hire over 2,000 Workers

Industry NewsGeneral Motors and Chrysler announced this morning that they are hiring over 2000 engineers and researchers for their plants after laying off tens of thousands of auto workers, executives and others during the recession. What are your thoughts?
This sent a message to me that not only are we coming out of this recession period but, things are starting to get back on track. It is so wonderful to continue to read and hear about different businesses and industries recovering from those messy few previous years. Where there is change, there is innovation. The new research and development that these companies have in mind will also bring more success. In any industry innovation brings along success, these new changes that GM and Chrysler are making will help their industry and provide more revenue for their industry. The new changes that companies like GM and Chrysler have made serves as trickling effect that we all will benefit from as the economy continues to improve.
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Manufacturers Seek Cost Justification

Industry NewsMachine tool suppliers add their two cents and more
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