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Saturday, July 26 2014 @ 02:05 AM CDT
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Investing in New Technologies

Industry NewsInvesting in smartphones, iPads, and other new communication technologies can be valuable in the success of any business. For example, new technology enables the communication process throughout a company to enhance. Therefore, communication done with new technology allows businesses to speed up their decision-making process as well. Many companies struggle with meeting deadlines and get things done within certain time limits, so new communication technology can assist them tremendously. Also, these new technologies can provide support to business professionals, for example there are several functions provided for the purpose of keep individuals organized, for instance: the personal organizers, calendar reminders, and much more. Moreover, large documents can be sent from these devices to co-workers, this is especially important when business professionals have to be out of the office, on business trip, or are trying to meet deadlines. These devices also include a variety of applications to better fit the needs of each business professional. iPads basically serve the same similar benefits as a laptop, besides they have some qualities that can be considered more advance. For example, iPads have long lasting batteries, the size is smaller and easy to carry in a briefcase, you can do various task all at once, and the products operates at a pretty nice speed. With the benefits provided from new technology many firms may find that these devices can be well worth the investment.
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AmCon Denver, Colorado Show

Industry NewsThe AmCon Denver, Colorado show is less than a week away. This show includes a variety of manufacturers, also suppliers of contract manufacturing. Some have quoted that this show includes “more engineers than any other show”; there will be OEM Engineers and many others. Industrial Machine Trader will have publications available at this show for attendees to view and acquire. Do not miss the chance to speak with buyers at this show who are looking for job shops as well as numerous other industrial related prospects. At this show not only do the exhibitors’ benefit, but attendees benefit as well. Attendees have a mixture of options to choose for their products, they can view actual parts provided by OEMs. Attendees can have discussions with management from certain companies about possible business projects, which can help them obtain the mission in which they are trying to achieve. This moderate size show gives the attendees and exhibitors more personalized time to communicate and discuss important business endeavors.
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Expansions and Rapid Growth in Manufacturing

Industry NewsIt is important to respect your competitors, yet you are competing against them with your product or service. It is okay to elaborate what assets your company provides over the competition to your customers, but make sure this is completed in a professional manner that does not disrespect your competition. Always be humble and you will constantly come out on top, lowering yourself to a shameful position will only make you look bad. It is always okay to state facts about your product or service, therefore focus on the advantages of your product/service instead of your competitor’s disadvantages. Some economists are expecting 2011 to be the ultimate come back year for Manufacturers. Customer’s spending is expected to increase because of certain tax cuts that were provided from our government body. Exporting is expected to increase as well; the exporting of additional goods will bring increased revenue for Manufacturers who are investing in the international business market. Manufacturers will be able to use the increase revenue to invest back into their businesses in order to upgrade their product or services, which also could give them a competitive or absolute advantage over their competitors.
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New Discoveries in Industrial Technology

Industry NewsEach year brings new and improved technology. However, some are trying to hold on to those long-established habits, by resisting the new technology. For the most part new technology is brilliant, this means original method to reinvent your products and service. Industrial Color Software provides their new Global editing functions. This technique has been used in the recent movie, “I Am Number Four” directed by D. J. Caruso. Besides that, the Industrial & Business Products Show in Springfield, MO is occurring April 6-7, 2011. This show is less than a month away, so all who are interested should prepare now. This show is intended for meeting with supplier, acquiring product information, the buying and selling of product and services, comparing and contrasting related products, and much more!
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USMTC January 2011 Statistics are up by 188%

Industry NewsThe USMTC report is in, with of course more encouraging information. This January consumption sales are up by 188% compared to that of January 2010 sales. This information is so amazing, the sales are so staggeringly high in contrast to January of 2010. All though these sales are down by 16.3% when compared to last December’s revenue, these results still continue to show overall growth within the industry. All regions have shown individual increases in revenue when contrasted to total sales of January 2010. The Northeast Region, sales are up by 92.4%, the Southern Region sales are up by 96.5%, the Midwest Region sales are up by 224.6%, the Central Region sales are up by 283.3%, and the Western Region sales are up by 284.1%. I wish all to have continued success, as we persistently rise above the recessional period!
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Which Questions Best-Fit Industry Customers?

General NewsDo you know which questions to ask your customers? Some questions you ask can actually grab your customer’s attention more, while others can push them away from your product more. Certain questions can get the sale that you want. You can ask a customer, do you know what separates my product from all others? Then give them a small overview of your product and it’s significance. You should never ask a customer how much do they have to spend, that can turn them away as well. Your customers are much more concern with how you can help them find what they need. Always remember that Open-ended questions are the best. An open-ended question prevents a simple yes or no answer, and forces a customer to elaborate a bit. This strategy is great, because you can get a clearer understanding of what the customer need.
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New Developments in Business and Customer Relations

Industry NewsIn this day and age things are continuously transforming. This year has show even more new developments and trends. Before in the past the main business-to-business focus was to build and maintain great relationships with your customers. That is still relevant but the most essential interaction with customers in current days is their experience during their purchase. Also, creating innovative methods to give the customer a superb buying experience, instead of the identical selling techniques from previous years. Capitalize on each experience; take advantage of the knowledge gained to improve your skills with your product, to better service your customers. Additionally, maintain your product, continue to modernize it as the times progress. Understand your customer’s need and then structure your product to become what is demanded, in order to gain a superior appeal and likely buy.
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Uncertainties, Pinnacle Ways Individuals Handle Business

General NewsLike the old saying goes, "There is nothing to fear, but fear itself". Do not let any uncertainties, doubts, or other obstacles get in the way of your business. Look at the bigger picture at hand and reach for the sky in obtaining your company's goals. Even if you know that business is not as great as usual, don't get discouraged or let down. Continue to strive for what you want and even though it seems so far away, it might just be around the corner, all you need is that extra push. After all, winners never quit and quitters never win. These days' companies now are so lucky to have an advantage that was never available before, that advantage is the various varieties of social networks. Be sure to use them, those social networks are one of the pinnacle ways individuals find companies that they choose to do business with.

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The February USMTC Statistics Are In!

Industry NewsThe February USMTC statistics shows that there are even more improvements in the Manufacturing Industry.
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Customer Satisfaction from Industrial Machine Trader!

General NewsWhat changes or improvements would you like to see made to our publications? What are you looking for when you spend your advertising dollars?
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