What to do when the desired camera does not come with the neccessary IP code?

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Industrial cameras are at work under various different environments. Therefore some applications require special protection classes for the cameras. Important for the selection of the suitable camera case are the environmental conditions, concerning splash water, dust and particles, as well as temperature and vibrations. When a system is used in a rough, industrial environment, it has to fulfill other requirements then when it is used in the clean room. For certain environments an extreme vibration and shakeproof is of importance. Other applications require a high temperature resistance.
Click to visit The EyeProtect housing provides an allround protection for industrial cameras. The desired protection class and type can be reached with this housing. The protection class (class I to III) is important because it specifies the protection against contact. The protection type (IP XX) specifies the protection against the infiltration of particulate material and liquids.
EyeProtect provides up to IP67 and the housing is therefore dust-proof and protects the camera inside in case it gets submerged under water.
The housing can be modularly extended. It is available in three different diameters – in sizes S, M, L (available inner diameter from 29 mm up to 85 mm). And also the length of EyeProtect can be adjusted. The minimum size is 100 mm and that can be extended in steps of 25 mm. Therefore an IDS camera has enough space as well as cameras from Baumer, Dalsa, The Imaging Source, etc.
Besides the flexible diameter and length, the customer can also select between M12 connectors and a PG cable gland for the connection between the camera inside and the connectors on the back of the housing, where it gets the power and network connection. The optional version has a M12 connector, whereas the default version of the housing has a PG cable gland. This is a device designed to attach and secure the end of a cable to the equipment. The cable glands are used as a sealing and termination device to ensure that the characteristics of the enclosure, which the cable enters, can be maintained adequately.
One variation of EyeProtect is “EyeProtect Light”. The front of EP M12 or also EP PG has a protection glass, where the lens of the camera is located. But in addition to that, the EyeProtect Light has an illumination around the lens of the camera. The illumination consists of 8 LEDs and is available in red, green, blue, white and infrared.
So to sum it up: the protection housing by EVT is dust-proof and is protected from liquids even when submerged under water for some time.
Additionally the EyeProtect housing is optimally compatible with the mounting and positioning system EyeMount. Therefore the user can fix the camera and housing in no time to a EyeMount stand.



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